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Posted on July 11th, 2007 in London Factory Outlets by Stephanie

I am going to start off with the Burberry Factory Outlet that I went to last week on my day off from work.  You either love Burberry or you hate it (given the chav reputation that it has achieved over the past decade) but personally I am not a Burberry fan but went along because a friend of mine wanted to go there.  I had been there a couple of years before and got there by car which is probably the easiest way but this time we got there by train/bus.

The Burberry factory outlet is really a must-see for all Burberry fans.  It is the actual factory shop and consists of five main rooms holding women’s fashion, men’s fashion, 2 rooms of accessories as well as childrenswear.  Prices are definately cheaper (I bought a compact mirror for £9 reduced from £60) but certain items could probably be bought in the actual Burberry shop sale for around the same price as in the factory outlet.  Most of the accessories are seconds so make sure to check the item carefully for any obvious faults as the outlet does not give refunds on purchases as their policy is “what you see is what you buy”.  The majority of clothes items do not have smaller sizes available so if you are looking for smaller sizes, then it is probably worth phoning them before your trip there to see when they are expecting more stock.

Burberry Outlet Address: 29-53 Chatham Place, London E9 6LP
Telephone Number: 02089853344 (Use +44 if you are calling from abroad)
Opening Times: 10am – 6pm (Mon – Sat), 11am – 5pm (Sun)
How To Get There: Nearest tube station is Bethnal Green on the Central line which is a bus ride away from the outlet, Hackney Central is the nearest main railway station and is a 5 minute walk from there.  You could also take a bus there depending on where you live/stay which may be an easier alternative.  You can go to the London Transport website and use the journey planner to plan your route: http://www.tfl.gov.uk

Burberry Factory Outlet Photo.jpg

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Comment by Morgy
2007-11-01 15:36:36

Thanks for a great article, I have referred to it on my blog.

Comment by top certifications
2008-03-11 22:54:11

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Comment by News Archive
2010-08-18 06:59:43

Yes, you can say a little bit!

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Comment by jazl
2009-11-27 08:29:01

it was a good article and appreciate that.

Hopefully will have the chance to get there soon.


Comment by top certifications
2008-03-11 22:53:17

Must say excellent post and information on article. sounds really good.

Comment by Visiting London
2008-05-17 03:15:14

I have to admit, I love Burberry, but except for a couple of bottles of perfume I never actually buy anything because it is just so expensive.

However, whenever I travel to London I always stop at the Burberry store that’s across the street from Harrods. I love that place.

Comment by Boris from Moscow
2008-07-07 13:18:13

Not bad place.

Comment by Goody
2008-08-15 23:28:50

Thanks for the information. Will go see see some time.

Comment by Paul
2008-09-28 19:12:54

Unimpressed by the place. I shop Burberry regularly and anybody who does knows that if you are size M in one style (e.g. a polo) you might well be a size S in another (e.g. a shirt). For this reason, I never buy anything from Burberry without trying it on before I leave the store. I have been burnt every time I’ve tried to “sneak” out (two times that I can remember). The outlet did not have any fitting rooms and when I asked about them, I was almost scoffed at. Seeing as I am from the US and there is a no return policy, this was a dealbreaker for me.

Add to the above that it is quite a bit out of the way for an average tourist and the fact that I tried to get there on Sun, which is apparently when they decide to shut random lengths of tube or entire lines for “engineering work.” The round trip ordeal took us 3-4 hours out of our way.

Addiitonally, the selection isn’t that great if you’re an S-M. There are plenty of L, XL, & XXL.

On the positive side, most prices were less expensive than a regular Burberry store by ~30% (comparing to US prices). There is the occasional “deal” but I would not go there seeking these because they are few and far in between and most are on items I wouldn’t be caught dead in.

If you’re in London as a tourist, I wouldn’t recommend a visit. The money you save probably won’t be worth the time you spend. Go to a retail store an d take comfort in the fact that they will let you try the item on and you can exchange it if you decide you don’t like it.

Comment by Katie Vaughan
2009-03-23 01:40:27

This is a great outlet! I had to comment after reading the last post because I’m also American and wouldn’t miss going. It’s totally worth the trip and not difficult to get to if you can read a tube/bus map. I have been many times and have always found the selection to be fabulous. Understand that it is not arranged like a store but rather like a second hand shop or flea market where you are digging in bins to find the right size. As to the comment above about not being able to try things on? – Rubbish. Everyone is trying things on! Go find a corner the back of the store and start changing! – Shy shoppers might be intimidated, but listen up people, nothing good is ever easy!

Anyway, a great place, great deals, and for the Burberry lover, it’s a can’t miss.


Comment by London Bookings
2009-04-15 12:44:53

Thanks for that comment, Paul. I was especially looking at this as a possible visit for tourists visiting London. It’s a destination a bit away from the beaten track and a chance to try out public transport. So I guess it’s only interesting for real Burberry aficionados, since they know about the problems with the sizes, etc.

Comment by factory outlet
2009-05-05 21:45:06

hey nice shop I specialy love burberry factory stores !

Comment by potato ricer
2009-06-10 16:16:26

I used to pop in here fairly often when I lived and worked in Hackney.

There was always lots of Japanese tourists loitering around out side which was quite a strange look for Hackney!

I never managed to find anything in there to buy though.

Saw some nice Polo shirts once but none in my size.

Worth checking every now and then.

There is also the Carhartt factory outlet just around the corner and down the road so if you like both brands it is worth checking them out together.

Comment by Mn1013
2009-07-16 13:38:44

I went there last week!!! Really great!!!! Prices are fantastic!!!

Comment by ron
2009-07-23 11:04:32

its definitely worth the trip. the classic nova checked bags were 199 pounds and polo tees were 35pounds! i also scored a really nice prosum clutch for 125 pounds and a great looking leather cuff/bracelet for 65(or was it 85)pounds…lots of goodies and i wished i had more time to dig thru them!! by the way I took a cab from Bethnal Green and it wasnt that expensive.. :)

Comment by sandrar
2009-09-11 00:14:17

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

Comment by Justn
2009-10-11 19:06:21

They recently have refurbished the factory shop but its not as good as it used to be, Price are up and while it still cheaper than the outside retail shops you’ll be lucky to get a bargain, and you don’t even get a Burberry bag to flout later; We bought a scarf for £80 and was given it in a plain white plastic bag.

Comment by Potato Ricers
2009-10-31 00:59:45

I paid a visit. Its worth a look.. but he prices arent cut that much. My girlfriend got a taste for Burberry as my brothers ex girlfriend is a designer for them and she used to bring samples and freebies round as gifts! They split up and I’m left with a girlfriend who taste in clothes is a notch or two higher than it used to be.. she looks great,but it hurts the wallet! We didnt buy anything in the end.. but i might have to go back for christmas presents .. sigh

Comment by escorts barcelona
2009-12-10 13:50:11

I wrote down the address, usually buy many clothes for this brand and gradually I save enough

Comment by Hina Haroon
2010-01-05 15:06:02

I went to the burberry factory outlet today and i must say it was a total waste of time .. the bag collection isnt that big – u can get a nice burberry bag from House of Fraser for under 300 quid .. the coat collection was ok – i was so excited to go there when my friend told me about it but having seen it with my own eyes i wont recommend it to anybody any more

Comment by Harish
2010-04-10 08:41:42

Pathetic collection for women although there was an over excited crowd. For guys there could be some potential savings on limited options that are available

Comment by Mash
2010-05-01 15:51:50

regretfully had an unpleasant experience. was initially very exited about the store, but after paying a visit and experience i would not recommend. i bought a jacket, have tried in the shop but when i came back home i thought it was small than i expected. as there is no fitting room, it was not comfortable to try the jacket on. but the most unpleasant experience was from staf when i came the next day to return the item. the lady who was serving me was rude, first she smelled the jacket (which i have never seen in any shop of london) and then was very rude towards just because i was returning the item throughout the refund process. i was going to continue shopping on that day for other things, but after such experience i have lost my loyalty for the brand….

Comment by Metabisulfite
2010-05-11 03:10:44

Nice place!This is a great blog and I hope you keep it up!

Comment by annie
2010-05-23 18:35:12

tks for your details. I appreciate for that .
I think I am going to visit there next January, as my family are coming to visit me from Asia, my father is a big fan of Burberry, I am absoluelybring them to there. Hopefully, we can find a lot of bargains.

Comment by Hisham
2010-06-20 22:36:39

I want to know if there are Ties there and are they available for good price
I hope any body can help me with a quick reply

Comment by Lee@lovedating
2010-07-14 18:31:13

i live approx 3 hours from London , however just love to shop anywhere they seem to have everything down there. People say oh its too crowded and very busy at all times, London is cool and i love it!

Comment by Sports News
2010-08-18 07:03:38

Items in sale are amazing with cheap rates.

Comment by Futon
2010-09-11 06:09:39

Is this place still open? I am thinking of heading down to Hackney so might pop in and have a look. Any nice stuff about?

Comment by Escorts Barcelona
2010-09-20 13:26:57

Yes it’s still open Futon. I was there with a friend last week

2010-09-22 08:44:52

I’m not a huge Burberry fan, but I usually like to shop in factory outlets. First, because I almost always find some amazing offers and second, because I sometimes find articles I just can’t find in any regular shops.

Comment by Stephanie
2010-10-02 10:37:15

Thanks for the info. I shall be visiting it soon when I go for holiday in London!

2010-10-05 03:41:27

Its really a must-see for Burberrys fans!

Comment by Camila
2010-10-08 18:15:05

Hello! I ‘d like to know if the Burberry trench coats are available in the outlet. Are they the classic ones ore those are only sold in the Burberry store ( not in the outlet)?
Thank you! I’ll be in London in three weeks and I really want to buy a Burberry trench coat. !

Comment by Tarot
2010-12-01 16:43:05

Great blog! Thanks for the info.

Comment by Anh
2010-12-06 20:39:39

Hi, I want to know if the outlet have Burberry purse? And how is the discount for purse?
Thank you :).

Comment by megan
2011-03-12 20:49:50

Is There A Burberry Shop In Wakefiels If So What Are The Opening Hours On A Sunday??

Comment by missipod@buy ipod
2011-03-31 07:26:20

i wish i’ll be going abroad someday, and that one place i’ll come 😀

Comment by Akash
2011-06-18 01:44:24

how much r the shirts n tshits for men ?

2011-07-29 18:55:54

Excellent article, thank you very much for the info and congratulations on the quality of the website. Greetings from Latin America (Chile)

Comment by Aisha
2011-09-06 20:29:30

Just been there today, it was really difficult to find it but once inside it looked like Burberry but didn’t feel like it at all, customer service was very poor, it was difficult to find any sales assistant and once found and asked where can I try the coats on, I was told that anywhere in the shop where I find the mirror… The biggest disappointment was the availability of the large sizes, no smaller than 10 could be found anywhere… I was told that nexttime I better call before arriving to find out about new stock, which I did today, for 3 hour was calling but nobody was answering, once they did and asked for new stock nobody could help and on arrival i was told that new stock will arrive tomorrow…If I knew that, I wouldn’t have travelled one one to find out that there is nothing for me today.. It was really disappointing visit but I will go back there next week just because the prices were really attractive.

Comment by Petra
2012-03-21 08:15:23

Experiences like that can be frustrating, totally agree.But it is worth while to revisit.

Comment by DD
2011-11-29 18:42:03

Was there 4 days ago and i can surely say that it’s a place that you only want to go when the sun is out. Was informed by my London friends that Hackney is not a place you want to be when the sun comes down.

Took the central line (RED) to Bethel Green and then the bus that goes to the Tesco. Walk 2 minutes and your’re there.

Got a Spring/ Summer 2011 bag for 30% off retail. Not too bad if you put in the effort to get there.

Comment by Evita
2012-03-21 08:12:46

Love to find about new outlet shops. Will make myself a note about this one :-)

2012-10-08 08:41:07

I visited it today … Really the best burberry shop I’ve seen ! Just do not go with a precise idea of what you want, and you will be surprised 😉 good prices !

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