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Posted on September 26th, 2007 in Drive Traffic To Your Blog by Stephanie

I have just signed up to a service called BlogRush as you can see from the newly added widget at the bottom of my right sidebar.  BlogRush is a free service that can help increase traffic and exposure to your blog by having your latest post titles displayed on other related blogs on a widget called the BlogRush widget.  You will also have to add this BlogRush widget to your blog to help drive traffic to other blogs.
The amount of traffic to your blog earns you “syndication credits” (the right to have your blog post titles shown on other blogs).  You can also earn syndication credits by referring other bloggers to BlogRush as well as from the traffic of those referrals.

BlogRush believe that by using their widget it will increase exposure to your blog content that you would never achieve on your own without a massive advertising campaign.  I shall therefore be tracking my traffic over the next few weeks and will update you with my progress in a later post.  If you would like to join BlogRush, you can join BlogRush here

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Comment by Court
2007-10-03 01:27:34

BlogRush has worked out really well for me so far. I’ve been getting an extra 50 or so visitors per day on some of my sites. I’m definitely going to stick with it, even though some people are bad mouthing it.

Comment by Online Money
2008-01-07 09:58:14

Blogrush is one of the service where you can drive traffic to your blog. For me its working fine as one of the tool to drive traffic to my blog.

Comment by SEO / SEM tools
2008-02-18 16:15:17

Interesting post as BlogRush is a really useful tool if you want to attract people to visit your blog.

Comment by Margo
2008-02-28 18:57:17

cool info! I am brand new to this blogging world, and this is a term I had not come across yet:
“The amount of traffic to your blog earns you ”syndication credits” (the right to have your blog post titles shown on other blogs). ”
Thanks for the bit about syndication credits-very good to know!

Comment by Chic-Street
2008-03-23 11:56:15

So I’m interested in an update? Did this work for you? Get any consistent increase in traffic?

2008-04-18 15:53:43

BlogRush is a very useful website, but for my Norwegian blog I don’t get too much traffic from it :-) Any tips regarding this?

Comment by Ernesto
2008-06-26 19:33:13

Is Blogrush international or does its benefits extends only to US bloggers? I would join it in a heartbeat if it will really be of help in creating more traffic for my blogs (tel aviv, israel).

Comment by manish
2008-07-08 16:08:56

nice tip blogrush is a very good sit to drive traffic

Comment by Readers Pick
2008-10-19 13:48:37

Hmm, will try it right away. Will update if my blog gets higher hits. I still think a blog should have fresh content everyday for higher traffic. My blog is only two months old but got PR of 4.

Comment by Almir Bojkovic
2008-10-26 00:52:03

Blog rush is a pretty decent website to bring traffic to a website

Comment by Pink Laptops
2009-09-11 18:01:39

I just check the blogrush website, it’s shutdown now.

Comment by Personal Massager
2009-12-10 04:46:44

Yep, pink laptop. I think the owner said that the site wasn’t profitable. He still has other projects that he makes money from.

Comment by hks exhaust
2010-07-28 06:39:25

Thanks for sharing this! Seems worth a try :) Thanks

Comment by Raf
2010-08-26 15:28:25

Never tried it before, being new to the whole blogging thing is very frustrating!

Comment by Web Money
2010-11-04 11:55:29

Not just a blog can make estimates of truck traffic, if you have a blog review of a high PR page of analysis is to give your site a great boost to the search engines.

Comment by Top Motors
2011-06-13 22:43:59

Blog rush is a useful tool

Comment by Ashburn real estate
2011-09-03 10:54:03

Thanks for sharing. I never heard of Blogrush before not until now anyways. It seems like a great tool to increase your site traffic. I’ll definitely try this out. I just hope that its for free.

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