Get Healthy For The New Year With Free Fruit And Healthy Snacks Delivered To You!

Posted on January 25th, 2009 in Freebies by Stephanie

Graze is a new website that sends fresh fruit and healthy snacks to you through the post.  Created by the founder of Lovefilm, graze has taken the postal and online expertise, added passion for good food and genuine innovation to allow British office workers to improve the way they eat at work.

You can eat amazing, natural food that just arrives at your desk.  You can choose a box put together by the graze nutrition team, or set your own preferences so graze can make you the perfect box with that day’s freshest produce.  You can even choose to have three of your five a day guaranteed in every graze box.

Graze are currently offering a free box with free delivery and there is no obligation to get another one, you can cancel at any time!  You can get your free box from HERE!

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2009-01-25 19:30:39

Graze sounds a cool way of having a high-fiber diet. Fresh fruits in a box, wow. I’ll check this out at once. Thanks for sharing!

2009-01-26 04:25:05

Just a question, eating healthy does mean eating expensive foods?

Hmmm, some people tend to think when you say “healthy or organic foods” means “Expensive and Highly Price foods”


2009-01-26 10:16:56

Thanks… I’ll see

Comment by Hypnotize someone
2009-01-26 14:28:35

this is an excellent idea

Comment by Cigars
2009-01-28 21:17:43

I’ve never even heard of a service like this. Does it have to be express shipped or will it stay fresh through the shipping?

Comment by My Poker Fantasy
2009-01-31 00:25:28

This is cool.

2009-02-04 10:38:01

My goodness, that should be advertised much more, i never heard about it until this blog. What a fantastic idea!!! I am one of those people who are fortunately are snowed under with work at the moment, and it is hard to get away from my desk even to go to the loo! Let alone lunch.Yes it is bad! but i have absolutely no excuse if i have to answer the door to get my lunch. Plus it is healthy, and you cannot even grumble at the price! It is not something i would do everyday, as it all adds up, and lets face it, electricians in Bristol aren’t rich! but i may treat myself to that once a week.

Comment by Dara
2009-02-06 23:17:39

Sounds amazing, I think I will check it out. I used to belong to an organic coop that provided boxes of fruit for discounted prices, but then I moved too far. Completely worth it for the fresh fruit!

Comment by Electronic Drum Set
2009-02-16 19:29:25

Awesome Idea. I think we will continue to see more of this as people begin to realize how much nutrition matters to health.

Comment by bolsa de trabajo
2009-02-16 21:02:54

very healthy.

Comment by Retro Man
2009-02-17 12:39:00

Again, definitely sounds amazing. I used to get fruit and veg delivered as well, but then the prices went up massively and the random veg we were getting was never really just what we wanted.

Comment by mma gear
2009-02-24 00:59:39

This is an excellent idea, will have to try it out, maybe send some fruit to some coworkers that eat junk food all day :)

Comment by snocon
2009-02-24 01:40:11

Great idea, I might check this out!

Comment by fruit healthy
2011-02-16 07:31:27

good Idea. I think we will keep to see how much nutrition matters to health.

Comment by xtremed
2011-02-20 00:24:29

cool, I think I will Check it

Comment by NYC Electrician
2012-04-20 23:53:34

umm, there’s nothing quite like healthy food to tide me over till dinner and get the energy going

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