Make Money From Your Unwanted Jewellery

Posted on January 17th, 2011 in Making Money by Stephanie

Cash For Gold Has Christmas left you a bit out of pocket and you want to grab some last minute sale bargains? Perhaps you have some jewellery lying around the house that you don’t use or have unwanted gifts? A friend of mine recently recommended a website that she had used before Christmas in order to raise money for gifts which pays cash for gold. is really easy to use and pays more than any gold buying website that I have seen including Tesco!

So if you think you could do with a bit of extra cash, especially with Valentine’s coming soon, this is a quick and easy way of making some money. Simply request your free gold selling pack from the Monster Price For Gold website, send your unwanted jewellery to them and they will call you to make an offer and then pay you in cash, by cheque or bank the money straight into your bank account! It’s as easy as that! :) They will even buy silverware and platinum items!

Hmmm…. I think I’m going to go hunting around my sister’s room now! hehe….

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2011-01-17 11:02:27

Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Alina
2011-02-11 12:40:20

Yes. It’s Great idea for making money. Helps of this website we can make extra money with minimum risk. I wanna to try it but I not have unnecessary jewelery. But I’m appreciating your effort. Thanks

Comment by Gary
2011-01-17 11:43:20

It’s nice that they buy the gold at such a good rate (for an online broker).

Comment by Chris C
2011-01-17 23:25:38

It is always worth asking your local jeweller too.

There has been some negative press in recent months about the prices offered by some of these gold buying sites, so you have nothing to lose by checking locally first.

Comment by Jamie
2011-01-19 18:24:43

I would strongly suggest checking out the Silver and Gold Exchange before selling gold or silver to ANYONE. I did a great deal of research, online and offline, and learned a lot about this business. I checked pawn shops, jewelers, “gold parties”, hotel “buying events as well as the online buyers, including the “as seen on tv” guys. I found that the Silver and Gold Exchange paid more than anyone else I could find.

2011-01-21 04:34:17

I guess I’ve always been a pawn shop fan when it comes to getting rid of jewelery

2011-01-21 15:22:57

Never actually heard about like this before. I better try this one. Thanks for sharing. Hope it will work cause I’m really broke now.

Comment by san francisco tours
2011-02-01 23:07:57

Gold has been going down in value the past week. I guess I should have sold of my old jewelery last week! Timing is everything I guess.

Comment by Humps Speed Bumps
2011-02-03 17:29:09

As someone said above, it is ALWAYS worth checking what your local jewellery shop will give you for you cash too! Mail companies have to pay postage!

Comment by Indvendige døre
2011-02-04 19:10:37

It’s a very good idea. Now i also try to sell my old silverware, you can get a lot of money out of it.

2011-02-08 05:29:03

Thanks for sharing the link! I only wish I had some gold to sell. The price is so high right now!

Comment by Cyprus Holidays
2011-02-08 12:33:20

Ya Its really a pretty good Idea to make money with the waste gold in your home. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Heat Pump Heating
2011-02-10 11:47:32

Its great blog buddy.. well done.. i donot knoe about such a online buyer of gold.. thanks for sharing.. i definitely check this web for my gold accessories..

Comment by jonathan
2011-02-11 09:56:17

oh really good idea for this thing. but the problem is I don’t have any jewelry

Comment by Stu
2011-02-15 10:09:43

Seems like selling gold is getting more popular all the time. I see ads on tv all the time for it now. Maybe its the economy?

Comment by Ananda
2011-02-15 17:59:27

That’s a good idea to make money

Comment by Ananda
2011-02-15 18:01:09

That’s good idea to make a money

Comment by Buy Gold UK
2011-02-18 21:45:43

Sounds like an interesting and immediate way of obtaining instant cash. Great post.

Comment by
2011-02-24 06:48:08

You know i was just telling my wife this today. She has tons of gold jewellery just laying around. Y not make some money off of it? She said “no” i will wear it one day lol

Comment by Sam
2011-02-24 10:23:56

Good idea, As gold price increasing day by day… defenetly can get higher value than the buying price for Your Unwanted Jewellery

2011-02-28 06:54:43

That’s a good idea to make money. This is exactly what I was looking for a long time. Thank you so much.

Comment by backlink
2011-03-04 07:00:00

Good idea, As gold price increasing day by day… defenetly can get higher value than the buying price for Your Unwanted Jewellery

Comment by income and growth
2011-03-09 20:31:52

I have been seeing more and more of these gold for cash places. Has anyone used one before, and if so, do they tend to give decent trade in rates?

Comment by broken heart
2011-03-10 21:15:49

I really never put no mind into that. I think I might have some jewelry lying around the house that I can get some extra cash for. I can use that extra money for bills or even some new cloths. Love the post

Comment by broken heart
2011-03-10 21:21:30

Great point I need some extra cash. Did you try this place out yet?

Comment by Copertine
2011-03-11 11:40:03

Good to know in case u have money issues. Although, i like to keep my jewellery and pass it to my daughters and grand daughters

Comment by bon whisky
2011-03-21 13:51:27

i know what to do with my jewellry now!

Comment by Amit
2011-03-23 07:51:39

I will try to make money online

Comment by Sam
2011-03-31 19:39:11

I’m going to try. That’s a good idea for getting some extra cash. Thanks!

Comment by Eddy@ custom essays
2011-04-01 14:21:42

jewelery are precious to keep but it is also good to know that they can be a source of a few extra bucks.

Comment by research papers
2011-04-04 12:35:53

jewelery are good to keep for both aesthetic value as well as for future generations but it is great to learn that one can actually make cash from them.Thank you for sharing this information.

2011-04-08 21:08:56

Selling your gold is a good way to make money fast. I have personally tried out this place and they had excellent customer service.

Comment by Trust Deed
2011-05-09 18:53:44

It’s a perfect solution to give yourself and extra cash boost and get rid of unwanted jewellery!

Comment by Ethos Logos Pathos
2011-05-18 19:27:47

Guess where my unwanted jewelry is going :).

Comment by Barry Gold
2012-07-19 09:39:57

Thanks for the post. Many people find that they havent worn their jewelery for years and the value has gone up – good time to cash in!

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